Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Growing your own vegetables

There are so many advantages to growing your own vegetables.  When planned you can have a continuous supply of vegetables in the garden.  I do not like grocery shopping and during the summer I found myself shopping every couple of days to ensure I always had a good fresh supply of salad goods. Now I grow my own I can grow what me and my family like and I always have a supply of lovely fresh salad.

As well as salads I also grow winter vegetables such as leeks, parsnips, butternut squash, cabbages, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic and sprouts.

It's also great to grow a good selection of herbs so whenever you are cooking there is a supply of herbs right on your doorstep!

What you will need:
A sunny patch of garden or you can grow lots of salads and herbs in pots but they must be in a sunny spot.
Seeds - if you are a beginner a good starting point is salad leaves, radishes, basil, parsley.
A small amount of equipment is an advantage - gardening gloves, trowel, seed labels.

You can start planting out once the risk of frost has passed  - usually around mid May.

Prepare your garden area by digging thoroughly and removing any loose stones.  Add some manure to fertilise the soil.

Seeds should be sewn in rows - make a small trench and scatter the seeds. Cover with a small amount of compost and water.
It is important to label your seeds so you know what they are when they start to grow.
You must also keep the soil moist.

The same principle applies if you are growing in pots,

Watch your seeds grow into lovely vegetables.

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Thanks for reading I hope you give it a go!

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