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Hi, welcome to Countryside Cookery - a blog written by a busy working mum with a passion for cooking healthy tasty food, using locally sourced ingredients and minimal waste.
i.HiI will be sharing some of my favourite recipes, tips and ideas to make feeding your family easier  I bulk cook my meals and freeze them in family sized portions so that on busy days I can still feed my family a good healthy meal just by reheating! I love the idea of using locally sourced ingredients and turning them into delicious healthy recipes. I also have a pet hate of food waste and have a passion for turning left over food into healthy tasty meals. I grow lots of my own vegetables which is a great way to get the kids interested in vegetables which are so good for you.
Where possible I always buy meat from local farm shops or even direct from farmers. I rear my own pigs and I use every part of the pig in my cooking.  If you are lucky enough to be able to obtain a farm reared whole pig (or half a pig) always ask for the offal and head.  These can make some fantastic meals.  The best thing about rearing your own meat is that you know where it has come from and that there are no additives.
Although buying a pig or lamb from a local farmer may seem expensive at the time, if you calculate the amount of meat and meals you can make from this it really is cost effective. Also bear in mind this will be good quality meat and will not have been “fast reared” for supermarket needs.  Ask if you can have it butchered to suit your family so the joints are the right size for your needs, place in the freezer and use as you need it.  If this cannot be done cut the joints down to size yourself before placing in the freezer or use the leftovers for another meal.

My husband is a member of a local shooting synidcate so during the game season I have plenty of pheasants, pigeons and partridges many of which are frozen to keep me going all year round.  During the game season ask your local farmers or butchers if they can get you game.  If you can buy direct from a game keeper they can be very reasonably priced.
In my blog I will be giving you lots of ideas on how to make the most out of your food.

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